Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I didn't have a chance to run down to the LYS yesterday to take a more improved picture of Purple Pewter. However, we got a rare sunbreak today, which left me scrambling about the house to find the camera so I could take a better picture of the shawl. So, here are some slightly improved images. I think I can only blame so much of my photography issues on bad lighting... methinks I am just a shitty photographer...

See those books in the background? All fiber arts books.
Mostly about knitting. Someone is just a tad obsessed...

I pinned the edges into points. Not only does it look snappy, It's a hell of a lot less time-consuming than trying to pin lace edges straight. I may be lazy, but I make lazy look good.

The batt for this yarn was a combination of several colors, everything from gray to burgundy to lavender to purple and a few shades in between with some "Marcasite Flash" Angelina for sparkle. The glittery bits are hard to see, but they are in there, I promise.. I allowed the colors to blend randomly on the drum carder and spun it all up in just as random of a fashion. I LOVE the painterly effect this gave the fabric.


Dimensions: 56" wide, 35" long
Yarn: My very own handspun Corriedale- about 325 yds, sport weight
Needles: 5.5 mm 24" Addi Turbo
Pattern: Rob Roy shawl- pattern available here (for free! Because I am not only lazy, I am also cheap.)
So, in the interest of saving $$$ on gas (read: I'm cheap), I probably won't get a shot of the Kureyon cap until Saturday, when I go work at the LYS. Then, I will post the pattern. Until then, there is another handspun lace project beckoning... shhh... it's a secret!

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