Friday, February 16, 2007

Puppies and other assorted eye candy

My current work on the needles is still top-secret. Hopefully I can unveil it late next week... not too much else going on in regards to the knitting front. Had some dear friends over last night for handmade rosemary/sun-dried tomato foccacia and various antipesto-like toppings. Yum! We also drank copious amounts of wine, solved all of the world's problems, and laughed our asses off. Plus, we got to meet this little lady:

a little husky mix named Luna, aged 8 weeks with her new dad. How cute is she?
(yeah, yeah, I know that a few weeks ago I bitched about people putting pet pics on their knitting blogs.
I didn't mean that all pet photos were bad, I'm just annoyed when they are the cornerstone of damn near every single post.)

And, since there is little else to report, here is a treat for Eye Candy Friday:


Me walking on the beach at Cape Chiniak. Memorial Day 2006.

Can you tell that I am yearning for Spring?

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Artis-Anne said...

Thanks for dropping by on my blog & you kind comments. Lovely beach picture ,I love beach walking especially at this time of year before the tourists arrive and I have to say Aw CUTE puppy ;-) (yes I do have dogs LOL )Hope you have as much fun with the boucle as I did
As for being brave , you should see my stash !!!