Monday, February 26, 2007

I'd like to thank the Academy... even though I'm filled with hot air

I'm not one for most awards shows, but there is something about the Oscars that always fascinates me. I always have to watch that stuff, preferably while drinking one or two bottles of wine during the show. Last night, however, I actually went to bed right smack in the middle! I have been looking forward to this evening for months, yet a curious GI complaint just made me want to go lay down and read. OK, this is the TMI section of the post:

A couple of days ago, I started having some gas pains. Worse yet, there was no relief from either end. So, last night this culminated in me considering making a puncture in my stomach with a sock needle to relieve the pressure. Serioulsy. My stomach was actually distended. I tried everything- some ginger, mint, and fennel tea, some OTC stuff, creative yoga positions. Nothing. Not only was I extremely uncomfortable last night, I cold only drink one glass of wine, and I felt fatter than usual- especially when seeing all those starlets cramed in to size 000 gowns.

So, my analysis of what I did see. Way too many fashion dont's... Nicole Kidman looked like a bottle of ketchup that had a chunk of dried ketchup next to the bottleneck. Gwyneth Paltrow looked like she was sheathed in a pair of old-lady stockings. Yuck. I love Ellen, but I felt like she was hosting her daytime show instead of the Academy Awards. Jennifer Hudson probably shouldn't have gotten the award, but good for her anyway. But, found out this AM that Scorsese, Gore, Whitaker and Mirren all got well-deserved Oscars. I guess that's something.

Speaking of this AM, I am experiencing some relief- but my abs are actually sore! Can you believe that? WTF? However, I did manage to get some knitting in last night in between moans of pain and moans of "Why are they wearing that?"

The entrelac bag in process. It's about 1/2 way done. Hope to have the knitted portion done in the next couple of days. Then, I'm going to sew in a nice lining and make a fused glass button for it- my girl is gonna LURVE it.


Artis-Anne said...

Sorry I 'm not one for the Oscars or Brit Awards etc , I feel they are just so they can all pat each other on the back and say how great they all are but then thats just my opinion. Mind I love a good film if you can sort one from the dross that keeps getting churrned out .
I too ' LURVE ' your entrelac bag ; what a brill idea & is it your own homespin ? Look forward to seeing it done

Anonymous said...

lizzie,just fart!!! love mom

Elizabeth said...

Jeez mom, the fact that I can't is part of the problem.

Artis-Anne: I wish that was my handspun! It's Noro Kureyon in 2 different colorways...