Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Creamed Corn

As the two readers (hi mom!) of this blog know, I am occasionally prone to ranting about off-the-wall stuff. Then, I feel like an ass. So, I slept on this one before deciding to post. I decided that I actually had A Valid Point and should proceed.

I'm not much of a charity knitter. That's a failing on my part and I intend to be better about it. I mean, check out these folks for some wonderful inspiration. I love their blogs, and these are some of the people who are inspiring me to knit for charity (my friends and fam really don't count in that sense).

One thing, however, that I am finding disturbing is a theme that I have seen on several blogs. Now, I know these folks are in the minority, but it bears mentioning. I have run across the notion that people knit for charity with what they consider substandard yarn. As in, "Yeah, someone gave me some crappy Red Heart acrylic, which I would never wear, so I decided to do some charity knitting with it." Now that is just not cool. That is like giving nothing but creamed corn to a damn food drive. I mean, let's face it, people with limited means are grateful for anything they can get, but no one, not one living soul, really wants to grub on some fucking creamed corn. Spend an extra few bucks and get some canned artichoke hearts, some yummy organic Mac & Cheese (like the stuff from Annie's-YUM)... give people stuff you would want to eat, not that which you want to get rid of.

Same goes for yarn. I'm not saying you have to knit hats with cashmere or anything, but Cascade 220 isn't really that expensive. Lion Brand also has affordable yarns that are pleasing to the touch and sight. All I'm sayin' is, if yer gonna knit for charity, give a little bit more than just your time. And yes, I have officially declared Red Heart acrylic to be the creamed corn of the fiber world.


Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Good analogy!!

I kinda like creamed corn though. ;-)

I've only done a little bit of charity knitting. I will admit to the use of acrylic. HOwever the reason is two fold--because of my own low-brow taste (yes, my name is Bezzie, and I buy acrylic for myself!) and second it's easier to care for. I just knit baby hats and I'd like to think the recipient can just toss it in the wash without having to worry about hand drying it, etc. Again this stems from my own low-brow taste. I've never knit anything for myself that I couldn't just toss in the wash!

Elizabeth said...

Uh-oh- I didn't mean to come off like a yarn snob. I too love acrylic yarns- there are some really nice ones, like Caron Simply Soft, that I really enjoy knitting with! Hell, I love dishcloth cotton.

You do not have low-brow taste, you are just practical! My point in this post was to say knit for charity with that which you like and would wear yourself- not just passing off fugly yarns to the needy. If you like Red Heart acrylic, then get yer knit on! If you get some in a yarn swap and hate the stuff, give it to the thrift store... don't give someone a garment made of something that you dislike.

Artis-Anne said...

I get what you are saying and totally agree, although like you I have never as yet done any charity knitting. I use to work for a homeless centre in Liverpool (before I escaped back home to the mountains) and we used to get people bringing in just out of date food items which although was gratefully received felt kinda patronizing and I felt like saying 'no thanks we have fresh stuff '