Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Red Wine

I spun up a bit (only 1 oz) of fawn-colored alpaca the other day:


After dyeing it with 5 packets of grape kool-aid and one 0.25 oz bottle of red food coloring, this is what I ended up with. It's about 100 yds @ 15 wpi, and SO soft. I think this will be what I do for the Twisted Knitters KAL- although, I'm thinking I may need to be ambitious and do two projects- this really doesn't seem substantial enough. So, I will probably be spinning up the Merino/Silk combo that I mentioned in a previous post and play with some handpainting... the KAL goes thru February, so that is plenty of time for me to spin, dye, and knit a few projects.


As far as the Alpaca, I think I'm going to knit up some kind of lacy gaiter thing- a pretty lil' wisp of something to wear around my neck. I'm going to Boston for Christmas this year, so I think I can make something with the yarn that looks both sophisticated and warm- yum!

I also have to say that I am doing the happy dance right now. Dems take charge! Rummy gone! For the first time in six years, I feel a glimmer of hope. Of course, this now means that the Dems will have to pull their heads out, and on that count, I am being somewhat reserved in my joy. But, as my wise grandmother always says, we can either live in hope, or die in despair...


Bezzie said...

Wow--that's one of the best grape koolaid jobs I've seen.

Palin I know!!! I don't know what to think! The feminist side of me is happy, but the Democrat and Wasilla hating Palmer-ite side is not. At least Granholm got re-elected in Michigan.

And how about Rumsfeld!! I was listening to the press conference on the radio at lunch. Good lord I'm glad the tide is changing--like you said, lets hope Dems can capitalize on it!

Elaine said...

I love the dye job. Very cool color!!! Congrats, btw, on the nuptuals!!


fiddlewitch said...

not only do we aarently share politics, but we both unvented the naiad (mine was a blankie)

joanna in minneapolis