Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Holiday Bizarre

Did the first of two Holiday bazaars last Saturday , with one coming up this Saturday... have been so busy cranking out stained glass that my spinning wheel and knitting needles are gathering dust. Here are some pics of my humble booth last week:

Yes, that is a laundry drying rack that I hang my glass on. I am such a cheapass.

Lots of puffins, salmon, lighthouse/fishing vessel ornaments, and bears... kinda hard to see everything in this pic, but I had a lot of wares in the beginning, and didn't leave with very much! I even brought some random knitted things to sell and sold a scarf! So, needless to say, I am going nuts to rebuild enough inventory for this weekend. My goal was to sell enough stuff to cover our trip to Boston... and if all goes well this Saturday, I'll have done just that. Then, I will have time to knit ;-)


Bezzie said...

Hot dang woman! Impressive!!! I guess the only thing wrong with nearly selling out one weekend is having to bust ass to replenish for the next!

Anonymous said...

way to go !!!! love, mom

Stacey said...

Well done! I've got a 2 day fair this weekend and am panicking like mad :(