Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The lazy blogger returns...

Been pretty busy these past few weeks, and well, tending the blog has not been a priority. Plus, there are only like 5 readers, so, you know, I'm not really doing a huge disservice. Anyway, I have been recovering from the holiday bazaars and jumping back into fibery-kinda stuff. This being the season and all, some of the stuff I am working on is top secret, so I won't be posting pics for a while. But, in between frantically knitting for the holidays, I've also done some spinning:


I'm calling this one "Purple Pewter"... I've spun up 2 of the 4 oz (Corriedale blended with "Marcasite Flash" Angelina) and hope to get about 350 yds after plying.

And, been playing with some stuff I wet-felted, had laying around for months, then dug out to see if I could make it into something quilt-like for an upcoming miniature quilt show. The base fabric is wool felted with silk/novelty yarn. I couched some other threads over the top, including some cool Diakeito "Diamist"; stitched some tuile fabric in place, and added some mohair locks for fun. An explanation of the piece (which I'll submit to the show's organizer), entitled "A Star is Born", follows the pic:


My grip on traditional reality is tenuous at best. This piece, “A Star is Born” is one of many snapshots of my mind- the things I think about when not worrying about such meaningless things as bills and deadlines. When allowed to wander, my thoughts travel to some interesting places, such as the relationship between space, time, and matter; the formation of life as we know it- where did we come from and where are going?; the connection between the celestial and the earthly.

The wet-felted background for this work was created several months ago, in response to my thoughts on the birth and death of stars in our universe. Over time, layers of tuile, lines and shapes stitched and couched in string were added, inspired by the wonder that comes from the notion that what we consider order evolves from that which we consider chaos. I am further fascinated by the fact that this process reverses itself as stable systems enter into a state of entropy. Still, the work needed something… after a short break, I found this blood star that was initially discovered at Mill bay Beach (already dried and deceased).
This tied it all together for me… the wonders of the Earth juxtaposed with those of the universe…
which are really just two sides of the same coin.

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I dig the wet felted background. It looks almost placental fitting in with your theme nicely.