Friday, November 03, 2006

Exotic Workhorses, Spun Sugar, and Stuff

This has been a whirlwind of a week. As you may have figured out in my last cryptic post, I am to be married today. In 5 hours. And yes, I am taking the time to post right now. This is a laid-back event, just a simple gathering of friends to celebrate our simple love for one another. If the two people who read this want to know more about the nuptials, click here to read my blog on MySpace (warning: my Myspace profile is Rated R).

Other than marriage, I have been doing some fibery stuff... a few months back,
Yarnpunk gave me a bag of the most random bits of fiber imaginable. Being the fiberwhore that I am, I of course took it with a smile on my face. There was everything from yak hair to combed cotton all in little .5oz bags. I finally busted it all out this weekend, and used her drum carder to make some kick-ass blends:

Blend #1: "Exotic Workhorse"- 40% mixed New Zealand wool (no idea as to breed), 20% flax, 15% camel hair, 15% yak hair, 10% llama hair. Coarse and not for wearing- but, I think a tightly spun 2-ply would make for a nice bag or rug... possibly woven if I can bear to dust off and warp up the loom. About .5 lb, so I should be able to make something cool


And, on the other end of the spectrum, Blend #2: "Spun Sugar" only about 1 oz of 50% camel down and 50% tussah silk. Need I say more? I'm thinking a 2-ply laceweight to be knit into somekind of little cowl-like thing.


I finished another
Beyond the Basics hat, to be a Christmas present for my friend Jen.


And, I am making washcloths right now, about the only thing my scattered little mind can stand. However, I think this may be the world's prettiest warshcloth:


Knit on 4 mm dpn using Sugar & Creme (colorway Fiesta? or something?) Pattern found
here. Gotta love those mindless projects that are done in a couple of hours... I'm going to make a bunch and give them as gifts along with some locally made soaps.

Have been trying to figure out what to use for the
Twisted Knitters KAL... looking at a portion of my fiber stash, I think the Merino/Silk combo on the right would be perfect. That was the very first fiber I ever bought for spinning. With a heavy-ass bottom-whorl drop spindle. In retrospect, the ladies at NW Wools should have tried to talk some sense into me- it was obvious I was a newbie. I didn't spin for over 2 years after that little disaster. Trying to spin that shit without knowing what I was doing didn't even make for "designer yarn". Don't get me wrong, it's lovely stuff now that I know what I am doing...


OK, I'm going to go take a shower and get pretty- I am getting hitched, after all. I may even shave my legs.


Bezzie said...

I posted a comment over on your myspace page about the ceremony, so I won't repeat myself!

I'm also glad to see I'm not the only one knitting dishcloths for gifts and gifting handmade soap. Cheapass Christmas here I come!

Hope all went well today!!!

Stacey said...

OMFG!!!!! You dark horse - what wonderful news! I read your post on myspace and it made me all teary. Hope you had a fabby wedding and wishing you love, health and happiness for many years to come. Congrats!