Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Holidaze

I haven't been blogging much, simply because most of my WIP's are for Christmas, and I don't like spoiling surprises... however, I have been taking some time to be selfish and work on things just for me. It's funny, the DH went to Virginia a little while back, and while he was gone, I knew this would be a perfect time to work on gifts. However, my wee little brain revolted and I worked on other things instead. While in many ways I am a fairly generous person, I often find that when shopping for others I always find things for myself... the same seems to go for making things too. However, I think in this case, my creative juices were a lil' bit tired of following patterns and such. So, here is what I did.

I got some little mixed-up snippets of yarn at the LYS that were being sold in bags for like, one dollar. Just little odds and ends, things to incorportate into spinning, felt, etc. There was some cool stuff in said bags, and I decided to tie together some of the longer pieces and make a ball of random yarn. I was amused to find this same technique discussed in the December Knitty. Anyway, here is the ball and the resulting knitting....



I just left all of the knotted areas on the right side and did not bother weaving them in. Kinda created a cool organic effect. The finished piece is about 6" wide and 8" tall. I'm thinking of affixing it to a copper sheet metal background with some fused Angelina and stuff. I'm sure that this little swatch of goodness will probably be resting until after the holidays so that I can find the right approach to making it into a finished piece.

Finished spinning and plying the "Purple Pewter" yarn. I was hoping to get 350 yds from 4 oz, got about 340 after plying. About 15 wpi and someday, I think it will have to be a lovely little mini-triangular shawl thing. However, considering how flaky I am, it will probably become something else entirely.



After all of the nice, relztively vanilla spinning, I had to spin the wild twin sister of "Purple Pewter". You know, like the Jessica Wakefield to the Elizabeth Wakefield in the Sweet Valley Twins/High series. God, I loved those books. I even had the board game. But, I digress...


"Estrus"...about 150 yds, don't care what the wpi is (I'm lazy)... red/purple wool with purple coily things plied with sequined thread and little bits of novelty yarn, flags of red metallic fabric and lotsa "Red Wing Flash" Angelina. Does anyone else think that "Red Wing" is sorta a gross name for a color? Could be just my dirty mind at work (I wonder if that is why my subconcious helped me name the yarn "Estrus"?). I also made some felt beads with the leftovers to add to the finished project for embellishment. (Not pictured, again... I'm lazy. However, I am amused that this technique was also discussed in the Dec. Knitty. I must be a fiber psychic.)

OK, that's all for now. Am leaving for Boston in a week and a half for x-mas and meeting new in-laws. This should be fun... seriously, they seem to be looking forward to meeting me. Plus, we have a nice guest room complete with our own tree, a fireplace, private bathroom, and best of all, a plasma TV with about 5,000,000 channels. If worse comes to worse, I know where I'll be... The funny thing is, while I'm really looking forward to meeting my new brother- and sister-in-law, having chowdah at Legal Seafoods, drinking Guinness at The Black Rose and such, I'm really, really looking forward to going to The Fiber Loft in Harvard. I'm such a dork that I am even packing a drop spindle so that I can spin whatever exotic treats I purchase there... anyway, must go wrap presents and do stuff. Happy holidaze!


Bezzie said...

When I first moved to MI, I thought "Red Wings" was a slightly disgusting name for anything...so yeah, I get your drift there.

I love your Sweet Valley High yarn there--ha ha!!! I was an elementary school book snob so I never read those....hee hee, some things never change.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fiber! The name 'purple pewter' fits:)