Monday, September 04, 2006

vine maples, peacocks, and possible fug

First, the good stuff... I spun a nice yarn yesterday. I've been working on a nice lace weight blend of various fibers: a little alpaca, merino, with some silk and angora bunny thrown in for good measure. But, after about 500 yds and still going, I needed a change. Here she is:


It's only about 65 yds, but I am going to include this in a lengthwise-knit scarf with some autumn color yarns. She was inspired by the fall colors of Vine Maples in my native Pacific NW. They are pretty much the only tree in those parts that turns the gorgeous shades that folks back East are so fortunate to have in all of their trees. The base yarn is good ol' Ashford Corriedale sliver (about 5 shades blended together on Yarnpunk's drum carder), plied with some (gasp!) yarn I found at la Target in their dollar section along with some snippets of stuff left from a cute lil' capelet from a while back.

Speaking of free use of nice drum carders, I also blended up these little rovings, inspired by the colors of peacocks. Again, same Corriedale sliver, with loads of Angelina in both "Wisteria" and "Peacock" (big surprise) thrown in. I'm planning to ply it all with some nice aqua viscose and heavy black quilting thread while trapping bits of peacock feather and some eyelashy-kinda stuff in the yarn. There is a whole cool story about my love for peacocks, which I will share when the yarn is done (it is really deserving of its very own post).


OK, now for the possible fug. I mentioned in the last post that I was making an Old Shale stole in Kureyon #74. Despite my recent love affair with Kureyon, I think I found one colorway that is not cool. At all- see?


I think if all of these shades were combined, it would make puce. Puuuuce. Yuuuuck. I mean, I'm thinking about just casting off and felting it into a potholder (which would be good, since I just ruined our last one). You know, as a potholder, she would still be functional and appreciated... but just not worn anywhere but in my kitchen, you know? I like how the ripples of this fabric show off the colors in Kureyon so nicely, so I think I will just take the concept and apply it to another colorway. Sorry #74, you have lots of personality, but I just do not think you are the one for me... I'm going to start seeing #147 and see what she can do- she is a nice series of blues, after all, and I think she wil make for a nice watery effect with the Old Shale stitch. No really #74, it's not you, it's me...


Pyewacket said...

The vine maple matches your blog. ;-) Very nice colors.

And the peacock reminds me of the water under the Destin bridge where I grew up on the Gulf Coast.

Bezzie said...

Love the peacock!

And hey, at least puce is fun to say...puce! Puce! Puce! Yeah, felt it into a potholder.

Artis-Anne said...

OHhhhh I LOVE your spun yarns: as yet I don't spin but hope to rectify it really soon, I just hope I can turn stuff like that out. What spinning wheel do you use ?
I so agree with the Kureyon colour how about using it to make some snazzy felted slippers ? I have some Kureyon in Autumn shades in my stash which I am itching to get out.
Re your query on my blog about Colinette patterns, yes they have some great ones but some I have had to alter or are just downright dreadful, I some times wonder who proof reads them ( mind I still buy/borrow them ). Again I love a lot of their yarns and I only live about an hours drive away so go there often but stuff like Silky Chic is awful and I wouldn't touch their chenille again either